The Founding of Cork…

Cork was spontaneous, something to liven up our lives, something fun and something to be able to do together. – Trella and Starr White

Starr & Trella White

Trella and Starr White

Cork is owned by Starr and Trella White, a mother and daughter team who had an idea and, really,  just went for it. “It was May 2010 and we were driving through Elora and saw a “For Sale”sign on Baileys Restaurant.  We were immediately intrigued. It was a shock to the majority of friends and family (to say the least)  It was not a premeditated decision to buy Cork, it was impulsive!”  Take into consideration impulsive is the opposite of a word you would use to describe either Starr or Trella; both thrive on  the organization of not only their own lives, but every single person around them.

The vision for Cork was for a casual fine dining restaurant and wine bar – to have the food, quality and atmosphere of a high -end restaurant, with the relaxed comfort and casual feeling of a small town community. The White family is a very “jeans and sweater” family. Randy (Starr’s husband, Trella’s father) will testify that jeans will be acceptable at any of his three daughters’ weddings.  The Cork idea is to enjoy the flavours of your food, and the quality of the service while maintaining your own comfort. We do agree with the saying  “no shirts, no shoes, no service” but “jeans, shorts, running shoes, dresses, blazers, shirts, formal attire etc. are more than acceptable.” There is no dress code.

The Whites are a family of 6 independent people, with one boy and three girls, which tended to complicate meals. Keean, the oldest,  appreciates steak and plain salad, Zrria  doesn’t eat red meat and likes fish, Madrigal  could eat pasta everyday and Trella  doesn’t like anything at all. Let’s just say, we ate out a lot. These experiences always made us ponder the idea   “If we had a restaurant, we would”……  and those ideas are what we have used to create Cork.

Trella is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Business Administration degree.  Trella has never moved slowly, from her first grade teacher insistently putting on her report card “TRELLA MUST SLOW DOWN” to opening a restaurant before finishing university. Trella is now at the restaurant full time as a manager and a server.

Starr has been married to Randy for over 36 years and is a devoted mother to 4 children. Starr also comes from a big family, with three siblings. Her friends know that the most important thing in Starr’s life is her family, there is nothing she would rather do than spend a day with one her children (except spend the day with all four! ) Starr is currently one of the top breeders of Salukis in North America, she and Randy have had Salukis since before they were married.  The Salukis will be their family that never leave  home. Starr’s favourite part in owning the restaurant is extending her family by including the Cork staff and being able to provide a place that other people can call home.

Our Staff

The success at Cork must be attributed to the supportive, passionate, fabulous staff. Cork has a unique set of individuals who offer us and each other support and are willing to bend over backwards to help out.  Cork would be nothing without our staff – a fact that is obvious as soon as you enter the restaurant.  Front of house and kitchen staff all contribute on a daily basis to make Cork what it is.

From the Owners

The first year at Cork has had its ups and downs like any other business, however it has all seemed minor because our friends, family, and staff have provided us with such incredible support. Thank you.

Stephanie Randall

Stephanie Randall

We would like to introduce Stephanie Randall who is now a part owner at Cork. She joined the team in January 2013 and has had a positive impact. Steph’s first major project was leading our huge catering contract with Angelstone Farms. She spent nine weeks in Rockwood catering daily meals for up to 1000 people per day and organizing buffet dinners for over 200 people.

Stephanie graduated (with Trella in 2012) from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Trella and Stephanie have been friends and roommates for several years (going back to high school) and are very excited to be undertaking this business journey together.

Stephanie has a passion for the kitchen and is quickly becoming an accomplished and creative cook. She has management of the kitchen and is developing our current menu. Steph has always had a passion for food, trying new things and cooking for groups of people.

Make your Valentines Day reservations now! Call us at 519-846-8880 or email us at eloracork@gmail.com.

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